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All the way till 1988, ice cream only meant boring hard-picked boxes or soft serve blobs. But then, the first Cold Stone Creamery opened in Tempe, Arizona, and the world of ice creams has never been the same again. Ask anyone who has ever tasted a Cold Stone ice cream and they'll tell you there is nothing fresher, creamier or yummier. It is this signature taste that was recognized by Times Food and Nightlife Award as the “Bes Ice Cream” in Bangalore and defines us in over 30 countries across the world. We invite you to the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience.

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Things are always better when they are fresh. Our 100% veg ice creams are made of sweet cream that results in them being creamy and not milky. Pounding and mixing ice cream is the new rage alright, but we never want to remove the air- cream balance and to make our ice cream look flat. Our delicate "chop-chop-fold-fold" process ensures quick and gentle mixing to prevent escape of air. If you are looking for a "10-minute vacation" in your busy schedule, then try our Signature Creations and be amazed!

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