Spanish clothing brand offering unique, colourful, upbeat, original, and inspiring garments.

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About The Brand

In reality, Desigual isn't a brand. It is group of people who believe in the power of creativity as a way of life. Desigual is currently present in 107 countries through 428 stores. The brand serves as a meeting point for many people who were fascinated by the free, authentic, optimistic, unapologetic and Mediterranean universe which continues to inspire the world more than three decades later. The brand follows "Love the World" philosophy that lays out all the actions carried out by the brand with its sustainable fashion production model.

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The collection of the brand offers colourful, optimistic, different, and unique garments through which we bring into life our purpose: to inspire people to be themselves and invite them to celebrate their authenticity anytime, anywhere.To dress people & not bodies, the essence of the brand lies in lifting the mood of the bearer. It is celebrated for its individuality & unique character of its creations. It dictates to push people out of their boundaries to express the best version of themselves.

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